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PRO-GEL™ is the high quality therapeutic compress manufactured in Canada and designed by health professionals.

PRO-GEL™ is the hot & cold pack that is used most professionally by physiotherapists, chiropractors, and top athletes.

Covers larger surface areas.

Greater pack flexibility.

Extended duration.

PRO-GEL Compresse Thérapeutique


During trauma, at the level of the soft tissues, opt for the application of cold, preferably heat. To help recover from an injury, the application of heat should be used only when there is no more swelling. The heat stimulates the blood circulation, thus allowing a better regeneration of the damaged tissues. the heat softens the tissues and reduces the sensations of stiffness.
Place the therapeutic pad in your microwave, check every 20 seconds until the desired temperature is reached. Wrap the therapeutic compress in a towel, check if the temperature of the compress is comfortable and apply to the area to be treated. After use, let the therapeutic compress cool and use as needed.


Cold application is a medicine accepted as first aid therapy within 48 hours of an injury. Cold plays an important role in fighting inflammation, reducing pain and muscle spasms, and preventing edema and bruising. This will speed up and facilitate healing.
Place the therapeutic compress in the freezer for at least 2 hours. The compress remains flexible even after freezing and molds to the shape of the body. Wrap the therapeutic compress in a towel, check if the temperature of the compress is comfortable and apply on the region to be treated. Keep the therapeutic compress on the area to be treated for a duration of 10 to 12 minutes maximum. Remove the therapeutic pad and wait at least 2 hours before repeating the treatment. After use, return the therapeutic pad to the freezer and use as needed.

According to CACDS, hot & cold packs are the third fastest growing OTC product in Canada after syrups and cold medications. (+ 17% in 2006, + 23% 2007). (CACDS review 2006 and CACDS review 2007)


Use only as directed. Monitor the therapeutic pad as it heats up. If it starts to expand, stop the microwave. Never apply the therapeutic pad directly on the skin to avoid a burn or frostbite. People with circulatory problems, diabetes, nerve damage or paralysis should consult a doctor before using the therapeutic pad. Never use the therapeutic compress, whether it is hot or cold, with analgesic creams, balms or lotions. During treatment, check the skin, under the compress at 2-minute intervals, if you notice redness, discoloration of the skin or discomfort, stop treatment immediately. Do not to lay on the therapeutic compress, the pressure of the bodyweight could perforate it. Does not go directly from the freezer to the microwave and vice-versa, it is necessary that the compress returns to room temperature. For external use only, do not ingest, and keep out of reach of children. Discard the compress if it is punctured or torn.

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